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Baby Nursery Love

Baby Dori needs a babysitter for the day because her parents are going to a party. She is a really sweet baby and all she wants is love. Can you be Dori's babysitter for the day? I am sure you will have a lot of fun together. Join baby Dori in her nursery of love and start taking care of her. The first step is to change her diaper because she is really uncomfortable and will cry a lot if you don't change her. Use the baby powder to calm her skin if it's irritated. She might cry while you do that, so keep her happy by choosing one of her great toys and play with her. You can choose a cute fluffy bear, a plane, a red boat or a pretty pink pony. Playing with all the toys in the baby nursery are going to make her really love you. In the next step use a creamy body lotion to massage her and make her skin soft. When you are finished with the lotion you can change her diaper. Kiss her to hear her beautiful laughter. Now select a cute red bow for the hair and a nice blue onesie. Have fun playing our new game called Baby Nursery Love!