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Barbie Baby Bedtime

Barbie's Baby Bedtime. It is time for Barbie's sweet little baby to go to bed. Can you help Barbie get her ready? First you have her daily clothes off and put them in the drawer. Upbraid her hair and throw her dirty diaper in the trash. Before bed she has to take a bath. Put her in the tub with lots of bubbles and toys. Wash her hair with shampoo and her body with soap. Take her out of the bath and apply baby powder to prevent any irritations, put a fresh new diaper on and blow dry her hair. Get her in a cute pajama with her favorite toy, put her in bed and cover her with a warm blanket. Turn off the lights, give her a few kisses and let her singing toy take her to dreamland. Finally you have to pick up all her toys and put them in the right bin, but make sure you do not drop the ones that make noises because they could woke the baby up. Good luck!